About us

Novires offers professional expert appraisal and loss adjustment services to important clients in the global “no motors” insurance market and to companies operating in the real estate and industrial sectors.

The path of establishment started in 2017 first with the Consortium Novires later transformed into Novires Cooperative Company in 2019 , consolidating the expertise and resources of 4 companies (Rols srl, Studio Porfiri srl, DPM Consulting srl and Bonalloggi Paolo srls) having an important professional expertise history in the field of no motors insurance.

Our Team

A group of professional experts in the field of integrated appraisal and loss adjustment services in a shared project with the aim of providing insurance companies and their clients with professional services of the highest level.

Antonio Rossi
Antonio RossiLoss adjusting expert, partner and board member
Remo Di Pinto
Remo Di PintoLoss adjusting expert, Partner and Vice President
Paolo Bonalloggi
Paolo BonalloggiLoss adjusting expert, partner and board member
Marco Porfiri
Marco PorfiriLoss adjusting expert, partner and board member
Pietro Rossi
Pietro RossiLoss adjusting expert, Partner and President

What we do

NOVIRES is structured to offer expert appraisal and loss adjustment services to meet the needs of insurance companies and their clients, responding to all their expectations.

Among the services offered, thanks to the collaboration with selected companies and firms, NOVIRES is ready to provide restoration interventions in specific forms and replacement of assets.

NOVIRES continues to design and implement tools and services capable of guaranteeing the full satisfaction of insurance companies and their clients also through a constant process of digitization of operations focused on the management and sharing in real time of all the documentation and information inherent to each report.

Management Services

End to end management services aimed at Insurance Companies and Enterprises, for claims and damage management, restructuring and maintenance of movable and immovable properties.

Expert services

Expert appraisal and settlement activities for all “no motors” claims, including marine damage, through the use of cutting-edge tools and technologies, useful for the management of the largest and most complex loss events, including services for the direct repair and replacement of damaged goods.


NOVIRES avails itself of high-level professional and technical collaborations for each sector, which also include all-round legal and commercial support for the management of claims and for the execution of every step of appraisal and loss adjusting operations.


NOVIRES has developed synergies with a major service company operating on the global market, with which it is constantly developing service projects in the insurance and real estate sectors.


Novires is currently working as an expert and trusted appraisal and loss adjusting partner for some of the most important insurance companies.

Latest News

Constant communication and training are the foundations of our growth path.


Novires collaborates with highly specialized partners able to guarantee services of the highest level

Work with us

Novires is constantly looking for professionals able to share the values that inspire our business: determined, flexible and strongly motivated people desiring to enhance their personality and their skills and to grow professionally by putting commitment and passion at the service of the numerous projects in which our Company wants to commit to.
With a view to constant and continuous improvement, Novires is looking for young graduates and/or graduates in technical-scientific subjects (Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, Industrial experts), professionals with experience in the insurance industry or in development of technical projects in the real estate, technical and industrial fields. To all of them, Novires makes available all assets that are necessary in order to achieve professional satisfaction and from all of them Novires expects contribution that can drive and enhance common professional growth. In fact, we believe in the unique and priceless value of new contributions, especially from those who, young or not, feel motivated and capable of generating valid and innovative ideas. We are not looking for professionals or collaborators who simply execute directions, because we strongly believe that success cannot be separated from the contribution of the “new”.

Our mission begins by listening to you! If you are interested, please fill out the form below and we will contact you for an interview.

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