The value of teamwork and strategic partnerships: Novires Annual Meeting

evento Novires 19

On May 24, we held our annual metting, an event that highlighted the value of teamwork and the importance of strategic partnerships in insurance claims management. The day began with a panel discussion, attended by Novires partners and other key players in the industry, with the goal of discussing customer service and the development of shared strategies.

Round Table: Experiences and Partnerships

During the panel discussion, speakers from companies such as Noah Cloud, The Opportunity Partners, Whoosnap, and Uniquely Digital shared their views on two main topics:

Evolving Customer Experience

Speakers explored how the customer experience in the insurance world is evolving, influenced by changes in organizations’ operating models. The speakers discussed the criteria that determine the success of organizations that provide services to people, highlighting the importance of a customer-centered approach.

Partnership in Claims Management

The second question focused on the vision of possible partnerships in insurance claims management. Speakers addressed urgency-based collaborations and how to overcome these challenges to achieve higher levels of mutual satisfaction. A consensus has emerged that through technologies and partnerships, organizations can successfully adapt to social changes, improving the services offered to customers.

A Day of Networking and Innovation

After the panel discussion, participants had an opportunity to socialize over lunch, followed by a tour of LVG’s spaces and a presentation by Insoore. The day ended with the annual meeting of the entire Novires team, strengthening team spirit and internal collaboration.

The Core Values of Novires

Teamwork and shared values and goals with our partners are fundamental to Novires. We also believe in continuous training of our team to ensure up-to-date skills and a constant focus on the customer experience. These values enable us to offer service focused on excellence and to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the insurance industry, always with the goal of providing effective and satisfying solutions for our clients.

Images of the Day

We share some shots from the day, capturing the highlights of the event.


The Novires annual meeting once again demonstrated the importance of working together to continuously improve customer service. The discussions and collaborations that emerged during the day represent a significant step toward greater innovation and satisfaction in the insurance industry.

To learn more about how Novires can help you with claims management, contact us today. We are ready to offer you our professional support and collaborate for a mutually successful future.

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