Pietro Rossi

Formerly sole director of ROLS S.r.l., today he is a founding partner and President of Novires cooperative company.

He has a technical education background, which allowed him to start the profession of surveyor focused on elaboration of metric calculations and estimates in the construction field.

Since 1987 he has been working as an insurance appraiser in the damage no-motor branches, managing complex claims all over Italy, for al major Italian and foreign insurance companies.

He is a member of A.I.P.A.I. (Italian Association of Insurance Liquidators for Fire and other risks) and a senior member of FUEDI-ELAE (European Loss Adjusting Expert). He has attended numerous refresher courses in the insurance industry and received his Loss Adjusment Adavanced diploma from CINEAS in 2013.

The experience gained so far and the strong personal attitude, towards the activity of insurance technical consultancy, make him Novires’ point of reference for fire claims.

Pietro Rossi Novires