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Our company has chosen to establish its operational headquarters in an office designed according to architectural and organizational criteria that express the idea of collaboration desired during the establishment of Novires. The premises, on the top floor of a building dedicated to commercial use only, in an easily reachable area in the northern part of Rome, were acquired still to be renovated in order to allow the creation of spaces and environments suitable to the purpose specifically defined by the consortium members on the basis of the experience gained over the years of professional activity, considering the needs and future developments of the loss adjustment profession. The contribution of the Porfiri architecture studio has allowed to design and develop the new spaces, in which separate rooms disappear and common spaces are born, in which the company founders interact directly with every collaborator and the latter can take advantage of useful professional tools; everything is designed in coworking style and aims at the research of common objectives, giving value to the contribution of everyone.

Collaboration and sharing instead of competition and attention to the person before profit, according to the founding principles of our Company.

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“The future begins today, not tomorrow,” Pope John Paul II.