The video appraisal and the advantages it entails for appraisers and policyholders

video appraisal

Technological innovation is today a constant that pervades all professions. Insurance appraisals and loss adjustment are certainly not an exception to this rule.

Modern insurance appraisers have at their disposal many digital tools capable of revolutionizing their profession and bringing many advantages both to themselves and to the customers of the insurance companies.

Among these tools, the video appraisal deserves a special mention as it is increasingly used in appraisal practice. Let’s see in more detail its features and benefits for appraisers and policyholders, as well as for the environment.

What is the video appraisal.

The video appraisal consists of a video call “meeting” between the appraiser and the insured, during which it is possible for the appraiser to collect multimedia content – photos and videos – to be associated with the appraisal case avoiding the customary on site inspection.
With the consent of the insured / damaged party, the video call is recorded as part of the claim documentation. The photos that the damaged party takes during the video call are sent in real time to the operations center, and often contain also information on the geographical location of the damage.

Advantages of the video appraisal for policyholders.

The video appraisal, in the initial phase of drafting of the damage assessment procedure, can considerably shorten the time of its processing while at the same time guaranteeing its execution regardless of lack of the appraisers physical presence and of any health restrictions such as those recently adopted for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, thanks to video appraisals, satisfaction of policyholders increases, both because loss adjustment of damanges is sped up and because the appraisal is carried out safely and without the need for personal contacts.

Advantages of the video appraisal for insurance adjusters and insurers.

The video appraisal brings also many advantages to professionals. The main ones are the reduction of the average handling times of claims, the lowering of the average settlement amount, the increase in customer satisfaction, greater efficiency, speed and cost reduction in the management of any claim case, the latter now a need for the insurance appraisers who find themselves operating in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive scenario.

Advantages of the video appraisal for the environment.

The only requirements for carrying out a video appraisal are the use of a dedicated software by the appraiser and the download of a special app on the smartphone of the insured / injured party. These softwares have a very low cost and require just a smartphone on which to be installed, eliminating any need for paper material and travel. Therefore, not having to resort to expensive and / or polluting means and working remotely, insurance appraisers who make use of video appraisals are able to provide an eco-friendly service, which significantly reduces material waste, processing times and pollution caused by motor vehicles.

Novires is always at the forefront in the use of new technologies and all the technological tools that are generating profound transformations within the insurance industry.

The remote video appraisal is a modus operandi already consolidated in our company whose purpose is to guarantee its customers speed, efficiency and low costs, always paying particular attention to safety measures for people’s health.

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