The customer experience of policyholders and insurers in insurance appraisals

insured and insurer

Insurance appraisal is among the most important processes for the insurance market and, given its wide scope, requires the involvement of different players, various positions, qualifications and skills.

The professional role of the insurance adjuster

The role of the loss adjuster is undoubtedly necessary to guarantee the balance between insurance companies and insured clients and, today more than ever, must be able to guarantee concrete answers and offer a range of services that are functional to the complete satisfaction of clients.

The customer experience delivered by the adjuster to the policy holder

Thanks to the commercial proposal received, today, when faced with a damage suffered, the client expects to find in the company with which he has stipulated a policy, first of all a reassuring reference, clear indications and professional interlocutors, who go well beyond the mere assessment of the damage and the relative compensation.

For this reason, the appraiser in charge will have to pay particular attention to the person, with the ability to listen and provide simple, competent and decisive information, thus initiating a process which, although purely technical in nature, is part of the commercial dimension that binds the company and the insured, also assuming a social function.

The customer experience delivered by the adjuster to the insurance company

For its part, the insurance company expects to be adequately represented and protected by the adjuster towards the policyholder, the victim of an inevitably uncomfortable and stressful event.

Listening skills, clarity, efficiency, competence, professionalism and the ability to arrive at a fair evaluation and technically correct definition, which respects the terms of the contract, are the foundation of the appraiser’s activity and are aimed at satisfying the expectations of each actor involved.

Novires’ experience at the service of insurers and policyholders

For all that has been said up to now, in order to promptly and professionally satisfy the expectations of all the stakeholders in the insurance market, a professional structure with human and professional figures capable of following the entire process of risk management and assessment as well as compensation for damage is necessary, accompanying the insured party in the claim and offering the insurance company timely feedback supported technically by a group of interlocutors with organizational, technical and economic-legal skills.

Novires was established with the intention of offering both insurance companies and their customers a wide and complete range of expert loss appraisal and adjustment services which, thanks to the professional experience gained in many years of expert witness activity and claims and damages management, has evolved over time, improving, together with the needs of the subjects involved in “no motors” claims.

Thanks to the synergies developed with a group of professionals and partner companies, carefully selected and integrated with our team, today we are able to ensure timely appraisals and investigations throughout the country, technologically advanced surveys, advanced assistance in the repair of damage and direct replacement of damaged property, ensuring a solid and constant professional reference for insurance companies and their insured customers.

That’s really our mission statement.

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