Marine damage insurance appraisals

Marine or nautical casualty damages

Marine casualty damages are quite frequent and their value is usually so high that it becomes vital for owners of boats involved in claims to be covered by adequate insurance policies and to rely on experienced and competent appraisers.
This type of damage can cover not only damage caused to one’s own vessel by weather events or mishandling but also damage to other vessels, port infrastructure, or people.

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The marine damage insurance appraisal

The marine damage insurance appraisal is a multifaceted process that must take into account multiple factors.
First of all, the appointed appraiser will have to make focused investigations to define the condition of the boat(s) involved in the accident before the accident happened.
These investigations are necessary to establish the objective value of damaged boats but also to verify any liability arising from poor maintenance of these boats.
Any damage reported by infrastructure, property, and people involved in the boating accident must then be assessed.

Novires experience in marine damage insurance appraisals

Novires is an experienced and qualified partner in the area of nautical damage appraisals both because it has appraisers on its team with many years of experience in nautical appraisals but also because its appraisers have all the legal requirements, i.e., the ‘marine appraiser license, to be able to perform nautical appraisals both in the area of marine liability policies and in the area of marine body policies.

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