Digital Diagnosis of Novires cooperative company

Project Description

Novires intends to carry out a digital diagnosis in order to identify the most useful interventions in support of
innovativeness and efficiency of the core business of the company. For this reason, the activity of Digital Diagnosis
will be part of a wider process of operational and productive restructuring aiming at the following goals:
– Assess the level of digital maturity of processes and resources in sales and operations departments;
– Identify software tools currently in use with a view to optimizing their use and integrating their functionality in order to provide a functional and comprehensive suite in support of production and operational processes;
– highlighting preparatory actions for complete digitization of internal and external processes;
– Quantify economic resources and timeframes needed to implement the digitization of processes.

Project Acronym: Novires-DD

Project duration: 6 months

Corporate Objectives

– Extension of the customer base to additional insurance companies;
– expansion of business segments towards ancillary services to insurance appraisal;
– consolidation of market presence;
– Differentiation from the competition;
– Increased turnover and cost optimization;
– Improving job quality and staff satisfaction;

The objective of the digital diagnosis service is to increase Novires’ awareness of its own level of digitalization and of the interventions necessary for the Company to be able to relate in a more innovative, aware and strategic way to the market of insurance appraisals and, more generally, of the services connected to them (repairs, fault finding, legal support, etc.).

Financial support received

The financial support received from the Lazio Region and the Fund for Development and Cohesion for the project amounted to € 13,440.

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