Insurance appraisals for piped water damage

The damage from conducted water

Water has the ability to cause major damage to movable property, real estate and goods whenever it escapes from its natural locations (plants, containers, etc.). and crops, if, as a result of pipe ruptures or flooding plants or , invades places not suitable to contain it or come into contact with it.

In addition, In case of prolonged flooding, water tends to seep into the walls and soil, gradually invading all adjacent places, thus generating further damage.

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The insurance appraisal for conducted water damage

The appraisal of property and assets damaged by piped water is a complex and multifaceted process that must take into account many elements and has several objectives.

The Surveyor appointed to conduct the investigation should determine the causes of the flooding, make an accurate assessment of the damage, direct and indirect, caused by the water to the insured property, its contents, any people or animals, and finally any adjacent property.

Water and the moisture it generates can cause both overt and covert damage that can affect the functionality or value of damaged property or assets.

Therefore, it is important to determine with certainty the causes of water shedding through tests and inspections of all pipelines and facilities potentially involved in the incident as well as to also do flood tests in order to rule out irrelevant factors.

Novires experience in insurance appraisals for conducted water damage

Novires is able to work alongside any Insurance Company as an experienced and reliable partner in the field of insurance appraisals for conducted water damage.

Novires’ team of experienced Pipeline Water Damage Surveyors can determine the causes of water shedding in a very timely manner and from the very early stages of the surveyor investigation.

Thanks to its network of technical partners, Novires is able to intervene immediately and thoroughly to determine the causes of the piped water claim and provide the necessary repairs in a prompt and decisive manner.

Novires’ network of insurance adjusters and technical partners is present throughout Italy and is able to accurately and promptly perform inspections, appraisals, remediation and damage restoration of properties damaged by conducted water, analyzing and assessing in detail the damages, hidden and obvious, reported by buildings, technical facilities, adjacent properties, people and animals

Every conducted water damage survey carried out by the Novires Expert Appraiser team is always followed by the relational phase during which all the necessary documentation is produced to describe and document the damage found, the value of the damaged property before the flooding, and the value of the restoration or replacement of the damaged property.

Where it is contractually stipulated and appropriate, Novires can also provide direct repair work on damaged goods.

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